Our discovery took us by surprise; he goes by the name of Todd Andrew, and has released “Bad Habits” an original version, and a remix featuring Aussie Rapper One Glove.

A voice tinted by Pop and a production mixing hip-hop. It an amazing listening from start to finish. The vocal performance is breathtaking, Special mention for the creativity as the track contains a unique recipe, a new kind of vibe, that’s what we love to hear.

Todd Andrew appears to be expanding into experimentation with other genres and musical forms. He’s very young but has demonstrated advanced skills so far and will only get better.

He clearly has passion and is absolutely driven when it comes to making music. Stay tuned for more from this guy.

This is the best musical experience for a while, Be ready to jump into it right now:

We invite you to discover his music right now and to discover our conversation with him below:

1. Can You Please Tell Our Readers Your Real Name As Well As Your Stage Name?
My full name is Todd Andrew Fairbairn, but go under the name Of Todd Andrew. In terms of my stage name, I wanted it to represent me, hence why I used my actual name due to wanting my music to represent my mind, my emotions, and my message perceived throughout. This allows the listeners and fans to get a glimpse of some of the pure and rawness of my life and inner thoughts within.
2. Where are you from and where are you based?
Born in 1994 August the 3rd attended schooling at Macquarie College. Raised and based in Newcastle NSW Australia from Birth.
3. At what age did you start making music?
As a young kid, I Have always taken an interest in music. One of my favorite classes when attending schooling was music class, even from age 8 visiting my grandparents, and taking an interest in different sounds and effects on a synthesizer on a keyboard and mucking around on the keys.
Through high school by listening to a lot of music as I was a hardcore music lover, Hip Hop and Rap just started to gravitate to me as I got older and started to understand the poetic and raw side of rap. This including the messages that were perceived throughout different tracks, which could give their audience a sense of relation and provide guidance through powerful hard-hitting lyrics. some of these artists that inspired me included (Tupac, Wu tang clan, NWA, Eminem, Dr Dre, Notorious B.I.G, Bones Thugs N Harmony) also taking inspiration from soul and R&B by the likes of (Brandy, Boyz II Men, Neyo, Chris Brown, Usher, and K-CI & JoJo)  
In high school, I started to write down basic Rhyme and flows for hip-hop bars in my spare time, but at this time I didn’t take it seriously as I sometimes struggled to make material and soon lost interest.
After leaving school I later then took an interest in electronic music and beat production, this eventually led me to start producing simple electronic beats to electronic dance music and then posting them on SoundCloud as a hobby.
In Late 2017 early 2018, I was mentally in a bad place. I had struggled with depression and seen things in a different light that would affect me in a negative way, this also included loss and death of friends at a young age, and basically not knowing the direction of my life and who to trust at this time as I felt isolated causing an emotional and physical drain.
Due to these hardships overtime, I was able to find a purpose to do music again, this included writing down everything that was holding me down at the time, which eventually lead to experimenting with beats and recording music again. Since 2018 I haven’t looked back and have taken my music creating from being a hobby to a very serious level and striving to always improve and learn.
Being able to grow as an artist is incredibly special to me, and not only that but also being in the most positive and confident headspace as I have ever been till present, and it is a blessing and i could not be more proud of what I have accomplished today and knowing that I will continue to grow and soar over time, gaining more musical confidence and fans over time through my music.
Being in the music game now and being serious about it since 2018 has been great, it has given me amazing connections with other artists, multiple producers, and engineers. I must give a shout out to Tommirock Studios as they have been my team in Newcastle, as they were the ones who have believed in me since day one. Some of these amazing collaborations so far include. collaboration with Miami singer K-Si Yang who has collaborated with Pretty Ricky frontman Pleasure P, which Brought the hot track remix Better Days, also currently working on my first Debut Album project as an independent artist, including international features by the likes of, Rio Santana who was featured on XXXTENTACION’s? Album song I don’t even speak Spanish lol – feat. Rio Santana, Judah, Andrez Babii, Florida’s own LEAVEMEALONE who is signed to Ronny J’s label Listen up forever records, Aussie rapper Sage Kyote, Olivia Nicolas, and London based producer and rapper sketch some. Through music-making, i have had the pleasure of working with engineers such as Mitta Norath, Dynasty on the mix, and James Drew that has engineer credits for artists such as, (21 savage, YSN Flow, Anderson Paak, Melvoni, Doe Boy, B.O.B. YG, Young Nudy, YK Osiris, Sammie, MGK).
In Conclusion, I will continue to grow as an artist and this is only the beginning of great things for me, and I’m looking forward to sharing all the new music that I have been working so hard on. 
4. What genre would you consider yourself?
I consider myself a mix of genres throughout taking inspiration from other artists i listen to and look up to, but the genre that I feel the most in my element would have to be , Melodic Hip Hop/Rap Trap.
5. Tell us about your latest track or video (what is it all about)?
I have recently released a track called Bad Habits an original version, and a remix featuring Aussie Rapper One Glove. This track is about being addicted to a person you’re in love with but at the same time you know they are mentally bad for your mindset but at the same time can’t get enough off so it’s like a bittersweet addiction when you keep getting drawn to them to only be let down.
Currently, the song has a lyric video out on YouTube, and there may be a music video soon in the works which is very exciting for me to grow as an artist taking it to new levels that I haven’t before. 
6. If you were given a chance which artist would you love to perform with?
Dream collaborations would be 24k Goldn, Tyga, Roddy Rich, jack Harlow, Tory Lanez, Lil Baby, Gunna. The Kid Laroi.
But given the chance to perform in my Home country with The Kid Laroi would be special as we are both Australians, and as his style, I feel represents mine in many similar ways.
7. Where can fans find you? list all social media links?
You Can Find All My Social Links and Media Links As Bellow


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