Out Now: The outstanding ‘Fear’ by JonJonGoCrazzy


The interaction of instrument vibrations and diverse sounds with our brainwaves and hearts demonstrates that music is much more than something that every generation’s youth co-opts. We, as music enthusiasts, are always on the lookout for the next great thing. JonJonGoCrazzy is the name of the artist on our list today.


JonJonGoCrazzy is a musician that has recently created quite a stir with his songs.

He seemed to take the rap world by storm with some very well-executed tunes, and now he’s back with a brand new single called “Fear.”


The beat has a mellower, deeper tone to it, which makes the music more immersive and complements the words nicely. The music production is outstanding, and the setting is well suited to the song.


In a world where individuals would prefer to duplicate what is popular than work hard and create something unique and real, this artist has been doing just that.


Making craft that is hip, catchy, and enjoyable to listen to. Not only that, but while filming a music video, an artist’s presence and vitality is crucial. The music, along with the artist’s vivacity, makes anybody want to dance along with him.


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