Artist Spotlight : CRWN Royel


We always discover artists in our day-to-day life and we often discover the little insights of their life which keep them going. Music is always deemed as a departure from all the problems which ultimately alleviate our mind and spirit.


There is one such artist who was born in Ohio, Cleveland who saw volatile household situations since the time he was a kid. His name is CRWN Royel.


His father was a lead singer for a funk band named “Scott & Raven” and his mother was doing multiple jobs after she got separated. Royal with his older brother Lonny lived in their grandparent’s house while his mother worked nights and days to support their living.


His brother introduced him to music like Hip-Hop / Rap and different sounds and this is when his love for music began. But due to unwanted events in his brother’s life which disappointed his mother, Royel wanted to be different.


From forming his Hip-Hop group to doing small events in NYC Ohio, Connecticut Royel has already stamped his position in the music industry.


The artist has also worked with known personalities like California 300 ENT signee Derek King, DJ Steph Floss, Nas’ Mass Appeal signee Ezri, Machine Gun Kelly’s signee

Tezo, Marcus Alan Ward, and Lorine Chia to name a few. He gained traction in the midwest region.


The young artist would eventually the transition from hole-in-the-wall venues, to becoming an opening act for R&B artists such as J Holiday and Atlanta vets like D4L member Fabo, to eventually a headliner himself in his own right.


His music is remarkable just like the way he tackled his hard life and he has the capability as well as deserves to be on everyone’s list.


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