When it comes to mainstream music, EDM (electronic dance music) has not exactly been at the front of the pack. Coming from her deathcore background and also being a respected alumnus of the well-known industry. We present you, Pepper Gomez.

Pepper Gomez is a Chicago House vocalist, lyricist, and poet who was part of the birth of the genre in the 1980s, and she has dropped a new banger “Oh My Heart”, a track that will make our whole week.

“Oh My Heart” featuring Tacboy has found its way into the hearts of music lovers worldwide thanks to a little experimentation, a music video of the same can be found on the youtube channel “WakeUp Music Group” an alien invasion, and a pioneering attitude.

Pepper Gomez has a different way to see music and creating it. Oh My Heart unveils heavy bass production that propels the audience to another planet. Trap beat, industrial sounds, and a strong experiment. 

We are all at the edge of our seats as Gomez released her highly anticipated project. Be sure to check this joint out and don’t miss a step on this iconic lady. 

Stream it now:


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