Cork-based rap-rock artist Rex Arcum is back with another bold single, He is considered as the legendary architect of new music delivering epic and powerful rock sonorities through “QUALITY QUANTITY”. The track is energetic, infectious and delivers flawless, strong, and indestructible rap bars and production.

Producing and recording all his own songs, Rex uses the release Quality Quantity to show more of the electronically driven, industrial side of his modern Rap Rock sound which was defined by his previous single “Catalyst Therapy”.

 With the help of mixing engineer Brody McKeegan, the hyper-pop-inspired beat and drop of QUALITY QUANTITY came to life. This time teaming up with U.K.-based hyper-punk artist Keeper. Together they deliver a mind-blowing fusion of rap, rock, and industrial genres. 

It’s just has a really robust and organic rock’n’roll sound. The songs have an impressive amount of complexity, with a lot of different instrumental and vocal components coming together. They take a lot of creative twists and turns musically. No shortcuts were taken in writing these jams.

This release shows exactly what Rex Arcum is all about, working with interesting artists and delivering truly unique music which demands the listeners’ attention. Mixing 808’s with distorted guitars and synths and confident, powerful vocals this is a high-energy record that fits perfectly in the libraries of fans of Linkin Park, Grandson, and Bring Me The Horizon.

“QUALITY QUANTITY is a song about finding balance in life when you are being torn between opposing ideas. It is an insight into my own thoughts on trying to make it as an artist while keeping a stable personal life and taking care of my mental health. All I want for this song is for listeners to use it as a means of escapism and motivation for their own lives.”

The captivating single QUALITY QUANTITY by Rex Arcum and Keeper was released along with a music video on November 12th, which can be enjoyed on youtube.

Stream it now :


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