In recent months we’ve seen hip-Hop scenes bless us with talented artists. However, Larry D Hawkins is an artist that has caught our attention the most.
The artist who has built a solid and dedicated career over the year, confirms that he has a place among the Greatest, thanks to his tracks entitled “Addicted” and “Capitalize “. A complete, generous, and outstanding Hip-Hop 2020 opus.
This single “Addicted” is the first song that will be released for the EP. Followed a music video, promo video, and lyric video. This Feature will appeal to your audience and compliment your page/blog/website. Larry D. Hawkins has a musical style that will elevate the industry and bring much-needed change.
This single Addicted is full of fun energetic sounds Intended to make Everyone dance and feel good. Everyone is addicted to something or someone. That addiction drives people to do almost anything. Larry is Addicted to life, music, change, love, peace, and happiness. Taking this addiction to another level, Larry has decided to put his addictions into words, not just with this single but with the entire project. Which is why this is the first single from the EP.
This single “Capitalize” means sometimes in life you miss callings and opportunities that are right in front of our faces. Sitting by watching others success as if we are not worthy. You begin to feel lost and become distant from friends and family. That’s when you realize that in order to change this downward spiral, you must find what your passion is and what you can do for the rest of your life and learn to capitalizeon every opportunity that god presents to you.
“Addicted” and “Capitalize” is an innovative single, with intense energy and haunting epic production. Larry D Hawkins has the ability to create something different, his own vibe & flow and he stands out from his peers thanks to a music that effortlessly infuses trap sounds with pure hip-Hop bars. 
Press play and be ready for a moment of real Hip-Hop:

Connect to Larry:  https://linktr.ee/larrydhawkins


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