This Thursday is full of surprises and bangers. Our latest discovery is probably the most promising. Let us introduce you to “No Looking Back” by Dos.
DŌS, a Los Angeles-based duo formed by Isaiah “ZAY” Elizalde (vocals) and Eli “The Kid” Valencia (production), is bringing a moody new vibe to the alternative R&B and pop landscape.
 As family friends, connected by a longstanding bond between their fathers, Zay and Eli soon began making music together and were inspired to create their own signature pop and R&B sound that honored and transgressed the boundaries of their heritage.
The hip-hop duo delivers an explosive single full of creativity, musicality, and flow. The RnB Hip-hop crossover track also plays with touches of soul music. 
“No Looking Back” will definitely make waves. Wouldn’ be surprising, DOS has something of the greatest and know how to stand out.
Believe us, “No Looking Back” will rock your heart and make you have a magnificent musical moment. We can’t wait to hear more from the promising DOS and there is no doubt that they are going to have an interesting career. Well done DOS!
Give yourself a beautiful and addictive musical break and listen to “No Looking Back” by DOS:

“No Looking Back” is available on Spotify and all other major platforms. Follow DOS on Instagram for more information.
Link to the single:


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