Today we met with our best artist of August: “Celiane The Voice”, an independent artist paving her own path. She has recently released what is probably the best track of the season, an outstanding song entitled “Why Can’t You”.

From the first notes, we were caught in his addictive artistic recipe between electronic, operatic music, and touches of RnB/Soul vibes. With the perfect instrumentation, Celiane’s recognizable vocal performance, everything is set for the audience to have a beautiful musical moment.

The quality of the production is impeccable, and we also enjoyed the way Celiane creates with multiple music genres: opera, electro, touches of hip hop. It’s a unique vibe that you will have to experience for yourself based on your own perception. 

Her song is vocally driven, with a delivery fueled by pure passion. Many singers are willing to show an emotional side every now and then, but this woman really pours her heart and soul into every line. Every stage of the music, from performance to production is extremely professional in quality, something listeners will sense almost immediately.

Celiane appears to be expanding into experimentation with other genres and musical forms. She’s very mature and knows what she is creating, advanced skills so far, and will only get better. She clearly has passion and is absolutely driven when it comes to making music. Stay tuned for more from this artist.

This is the best musical experience for a while, Be ready to jump into it right now:



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