Our discovery of the day is full of positivity and love, everything that we needed to face the world on a good note. His stage name is Tmmrw, his real name being Zak Zaghloul and he is back again with his new album entitled “Sad Party”, having 10 tracks that are just breathtaking.

His rap style is fluid and melodic but approachable, and his frantic tumble of syllables evokes the feeling when you’re high enough that your thoughts arrive fast and interrupt each other.

Musically, the songs in the album have an eloquent and tropical feel, with subtly sensual undertones and summertime night vibes. The catchy rhyming style and occasionally witty verses give a lot of potential pop sensibilities. It’s classy, yet down to Earth enough for people to dance to in a casual setting.

On one end of the spectrum, “Too Far in Love” moves like a sunny and upbeat rap but cuts much deeper lyrically and he ends the set with the acoustic retro vibes with “End of the Road”.The whole album is basically an unforgettable dive into the world of dope music.

It’s almost like hip-hop but equivalent to a blend of his magnificent versatile nature. For people seeking leisurely escapist fun and romantically dejected charged atmosphere, this album could be just what the doctor ordered.

Tmmrw, the Chicago-based artist made our day with this 10 track album “Sad Party” and he showcases infectious root hip-hop with an Rnb vibe: a pure delight.

Stream It now and enjoy:



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