Our artist of the day is one of a kind. He goes by the name of Muneer and gave us hope in hip hop and creativity again. 
In an area where all rappers tend to sound the same and take no risk, Muneer’s new single “The Score” is an outstanding and unique track. The successful genre-blending instrumentation is unique and completely surprising. Muneer’s voice is recognizable, the kind of voice that is never heard before. The song “The Score” is about pushing forward regardless of your enemies. 

“I am encouraging our youths to not be led astray by false realities that will lead them nowhere and instead to plant the seed for a fruitful future. I am also saying that if you focus on getting even with your enemies by settling the “score” then you will lose focus on the biggest treasure that is truly at stake” – Muneer

You would have understood it, Muneer’s music is characterized by infectious vocals and modern beats while telling deeply honest stories. Definitely an artist you should keep an eye on as he is on the right path. 
“The Score” is now on repeat in our playlist, and we are sure that you will get addicted too:


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