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Today, we listen to Antoni’s single ‘All She Wrote’ on repeat without getting tired of it.

The artist is by far one of the best discoveries of the month and one of the most underrated we have to say. Indeed, we can hear from the first notes of ‘All She Wrote’ that he has immense potential for creating hits. 

He has a really great voice, both from a technical perspective and just his overall natural tone, which seems tailor made for this style of music.

Listening to this release made me really want to root for the artist. There’s just something about the raw emotion conveyed in the delivery that connects with the listener. In fact, all performances here are as professional as they come, and the mix is crystal clear. Seriously, whoever handled production and mastering on these tracks should be up for an award. True to its title, this single will take your breath away.

Without further ado, listen to the “All She Wrote” project, out now on all music platforms.

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